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Residential development coming to a Burlington plaza

Aerial view of proposed development for Appleby Mall

After being approved in 2020 Burlington residents are going to see a major residential development coming to a Burlington plaza.  The site is 5111 New Street, otherwise known as Appleby Mall.  This plaza offers a grocery store, plethora of dining options, hardware store & more and it will soon offer 368 residential dwelling units in the form of apartments, townhouses and a retirement home.

Initially the development proposed one of the buildings included would be a 17-storey building which resulted in widespread opposition from residents of the Pinedale neighbourhood.  With the help of community involvement the developer revised the proposal which now consists of one nine-storey and two twelve-storey buildings.  The Mayor of Burlington and Ward 5 Councillor both believe that the original proposal would have overwhelmed the area and that this new proposal better fits with the fabric of the neighbourhood.

As Burlington ages and the GTA is built out not only are major residential developments becoming the norm in Downtown Burlington but the Mayor mentions that this will be the reality of Burlington’s aging retail plazas as it offers a variety of needed housing units right beside shops and services and allows for Burlington to continue to grow.

Another plaza that has been proposed for redevelopment is located at 5353 Lakeshore Road which is currently on hold.  The initial proposal has included a mix of single storey, mid-rise and high-rise buildings that provided 900 new residential units, 2,700 square metres of office space and 11,955 square metres of service commercial and retail uses.

The plaza located at 2424 New Street that once was home to Easterbrooks has also received a proposal for two joined 11 storey buildings with retirement home units in one building, and residential units in the second building for a total of 342 units. Neither of these proposals have been approved yet but Burlington residents will see a lot more residential developments coming to Burlington plazas in the future.

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