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The Bilt Rewards Loyalty Program

Bilt Rewards is a loyalty program that allows members to earn points by paying rent (and other eligible purchases) and then redeem those points for vacations, merchandise, fitness classes, future rent and even a downpayment on a home.

Those interested can sign up for free and can either apply for the Bilt World Elite Mastercard or proceed without the credit card.  Should those interested want to continue without the credit card or their landlord only accepts physical cheques, members can pay through the app and Bilt will mail your landlord a rent cheque directly.

While there are some drawbacks, rental properties outside of the Bilt Rewards Alliance are not eligible (tenants can ask their landlord to sign up), members also have to use the card at least 5 times a month to earn points and it is NOT available for Canadians yet it still is presenting as excellent value for those that choose to be members.

Read more about the process here: