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Development Projects in Burlington

Skyline of Burlington at Night

The city of Burlington has been established for many decades now and has shown continual growth throughout this time with the last major piece of  land being developed into the neighbourhood we now know as Alton.  Even when residents thought that the city has reached its limit on land to develop on builders from all around have been able to secure approval from the city.  Many small pockets of land are being developed on or in some cases buildings are being knocked down to maximize the land.

North Burlington is mainly comprised of subdivisions filled with townhomes or single detached homes there are only a handful of current projects or up and coming projects adding to this landscape and sticking with the low-rise fabricate of North Burlington neighbourhoods.  When you get closer to Downtown the development is very much imitating that of other cities in the GTA like Oakville or Mississauga with many current high-rise buildings already in construction and several sales offices/approvals for future high-rise developments.  Over the next decade Burlington’s population will see a lot of growth.

Whether you just moved to Burlington or have lived here your whole life there will always be mixed feelings about new development since Burlington was voted #1 best mid-size city  it only makes sense many people want to make it their home.

If you are in the market to purchase pre-construction or want to stay up to date on the current/future developments in Burlington click the link below!